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Storage options at Bilting Farm Self Storage

Types of storage we offer

At Bilting Farm Self Storage, we offer a variety of storage options.
Please take a look at these below – we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your specific requirements.

Garage Units

£220 pcm (inc. VAT)
These are insulated, outside units with secure,  roller shutter doors. They measure 2.8m x 7m.  Cars comfortably fit into these units, with enough width to allow you to open the door and get out. They are also ideally suited to small businesses who need easy access to their units and a secure place to store their equipment.

You can simply drive right up to the unit for easy loading and offloading. Access is available at all times within our opening hours.

Flexible Secure Storage in Kent

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£150 pcm (inc. VAT)
Our containers are located outside within a secure locked compound which is covered with alarms and CCTV. They are all standard container sizes measuring 2.4m wide by 6m long; also known as '20ft containers'. We have outside units and also inside units which are within secured buildings.

Inside units have the advantage of not being exposed to the elements and can thus offer a more stable environment. These are a premium option for storage of more delicate items.

Containers offer a versatile and cost effective storage solution. They can hold the contents of most standard 4 bed houses. You can come and go at will during our site opening times. The containers are secured with a padlock.

Storage Rooms

We have a diverse range of self-storage spaces, from compact lockers to spacious 75ft units. The majority of our rooms are situated on the ground floor, ensuring easy accessibility. Secured by padlocks, these rooms are accessible at any time during our operating hours. Enhanced security features include comprehensive CCTV coverage, and entry is facilitated through electronic key fobs.

Our storage caters to homeowners seeking extra space or long-term storage at budget-friendly rates. Additionally, businesses find our facilities appealing for their cost-effective and secure storage of stock or equipment. Whether for short-term needs (up to one month), or extended periods - lots of our customers have been with us for many years.

Flexible Secure Storage in Kent

25ft rooms: £50 pcm (inc VAT)
Our 25ft rooms are located on the ground floor and offer an ideal solution for streamlining your living space. Perfect for decluttering your house, these rooms are also well-suited for storing seasonal items like Christmas decorations. Additionally, they prove highly beneficial for housing hobby equipment such as fishing gear, keeping it neatly stored away and avoiding clutter in your home.

50ft rooms: £92 pcm (inc VAT)
These ground floor rooms will take the contents of a large transit van.  This typically equates to the contents of a large 1 bedroom flat, including some bulky items and large pieces of furniture. They are about half the size of a typical single garage.

75ft rooms: £124 pcm (inc VAT)
At 75 square feet, these ground floor storage rooms are spacious enough to fit all the items of a two-bedroom townhouse comfortably. They are ideal to use when transitioning from one home to the next. After all, they can hold items like mattresses, cabinets, bookcases, large appliances, files and much more. They easily hold the contents of a large Luton van, so if you can fit everything into the van you will easily fit it into this size of unit.

Sloping Units & Crates

These units are located on the first floor. The sloping units roof starts off at 8ft then reduces to 4 ft in the eaves. They offer a more cost effective storage solution for those who don’t need regular access and are looking for a more economical storage solution.

The crates are traditional wooden crates, the same ones used by large removal companies. The difference with ours is that you can get access to them whenever you want. With both of these units we will help you move heavier items to your crate using our on-site forklift.

Environmental Awareness at Bilting Farm Self Storage


These compact 1m x 1m x 1m units are perfect for storing smaller surplus items. Loved by our RV community, especially those embracing the "van life" lifestyle, these lockers provide an ideal solution for stashing seasonal gear, effectively decluttering their vans.

Additionally, students find them convenient during holiday periods, allowing them to leave possessions securely stored rather than lugging everything home on the train. Have attached a picture of the lockers.


Our most popular facilities and prices are below.
All prices are for a Full Calendar Month and include VAT.

25 sq ft room: £50
50 sq ft room: £92
75 sq ft room: £124
Insider container: £75
Outside container: £150
Garage: £220


For additional storage options and detailed costs download our


Our most popular facilities and prices are below.
All prices are for a Full Calendar Month and include VAT.

25 sq ft unit: £50
50 sq ft unit: £92
75 sq ft unit: £124
Inside container: £75
Outside container: £150
Garage: £220

For additional storage options and detailed costs, download our PRICE LIST